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Why you need CollabHero

What do educators want their students to achieve through group work?

Develop collaboration skills such as leadership, negotiation and delegation.

Gain valuable experience using 'real world' apps such as Google Docs, but to also be supported by specific group work tools such as task checklists and live chat.

For individual students to be accountable for their contribution to the group task.

Why is CollabHero the best tool for supporting collaborative learning?

  • Powerful data analytics for assessors

    The only toolset that provides educators with precise information about individual contributions to group assignments.

  • Smart Collaboration

    Complete student-led task collaboration toolset for creating documents, slideshows and spreadsheets.

  • Familiar interface

    CollabHero is built on Google Docs & integrates with your existing systems

  • Making group work fair

    The only software that provides educators with data from Google about the contributions of individual students to a group task.

Great educators use CollabHero

  • I can finally ask my students to use a digital tool and they would not hate me for it

    Dr Vi Professor, entrepreneurship
  • I am not sure how teachers managed collaborative projects before CollabHero, as this is a real game changer.

    Jack Leading Teacher, 10 years experience
  • We currently have a big group assignment we are working on and AssignmentHero is really helping us to work together without having to meet at Starbucks every week.

    Fatima 3rd year Arts


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