CollabHero is being used in leading schools and universities all across Australia.

Let’s make collaborative feedback in education

more intuitive and more human.

Intelligent Design

Expertly designed to intuitively guide users through the process of self and peer assessment, providing deep learning for students and saving time for academics.


Research Based

Conceptualized and built from the ground up in partnership with award winning academics and teachers, CollabHero incorporates the very latest in assessment and feedback research.

World Class Support

Beyond technical support, we offer with offer consultation with our in-house academic advisors to help your students achieve their very best through self and peer feedback.

How does CollabHero make self and peer assessment easy?

CollabHero is the easiest way for students to collaborate and give feedback on each other’s work and group contributions
CollabHero allows educators to create peer feedback tasks for students to reflect and evaluate work of their peers

CollabHero reduces the workload of academics and teachers by changing their role from marker to moderator. It allows educational leaders to easily create and monitor self and peer assessment tasks, and provide assistance at the point of need.
CollabHero is designed from the ground up to guide and assist students in developing the essential metacognitive skills to assess themselves and their peers to collaborate and improve the quality of their work.
CollabHero is simple for your students and staff to use, and integrates easily into existing university and high school systems.

We are passionate about building something that our users love


We have spoken to hundreds of academics to understand their needs.


We built something students love by ensuring rigorous user testing.

CollabHero aims to help you unlock the power of self and peer assessment for your students.

“I am not sure how teachers managed collaborative projects before CollabHero, as this is a real game changer.”
English teacher.

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