Here is a list of new features that have been added and issues that have been fixed:
  1. Sections for questions in guided feedback has been added
  2. Changes to Section feature: If “Include section title” is checked, then textbox with placeholder text “New section title here” becomes visible. If this is Question 2 or later, use previous section heading as default (as you have done).
  3. Changed text “Self” to “Require self assessment”
  4. Changed text “Select The Type of Task To Peer Assess” To “Select the type of task to assess”
  5. Changed Feedback Due text  from “Optional” to “No time limit” and Change Feedback Release text  from “Optional” to “Release immediately.
  6. When the slider is disabled, number was still shown, it is now disabled.
  7. On student dashboard “No Assignment Found” text changed to: “No assignment has been published under this subject yet, please check back soon”
  8. A summary/cumulative scores and comments option in a single view for students has been added
  9. Css issue on read feedback is now fixed
  10. Changed text of tab, ‘report’ to “Summary”
  11. Highest choice broken alignment is now fixed
  12. Save draft button fixed
  13. Exporting Score Data Report is now added
  14. Section title UI on student side is fixed
  15. UI for Feedback summary is fixed
  16. Adding time to assignment submissions
  17. Accurate role mapping for d2L LTI
  18. Button says “Continue read feedback” after submit now says, “Go to Feedback Summary”
  19. Sorting of assignments on teacher dashboard, always most recent is now on top
  20. Changed the CSV report format that is exported

CollabHero Release 2018 Version 2018.02 on 01/01/18

Here is a list of new features that have been added and issues that have been fixed:
  1. There was a front end issue when reading feedback
  2. The text on the tab has been changed from Group 1 to Peer 1
  3. We have added a Would you like to send email invites? on step 4 which will give the option to opt out from sending email invites on adding a new student.
  4. Text changes on error messages on word count error on the academic side
    “Minimum words must be greater than or equal to 20”
    “Maximum words must be less than or equal to 400”
  5. Text change on Task description on step 1 – need better text eg.
    Replaces “Attach Files” with “Attach a task description” (Optional)
    Remove the stars
  6. Changing text on step 1 re individual and group task selection:
    Change text to:
    Select The Type of Task To Peer Assess”
  7. Anonymous for intra group
  8. On rubric response,  value starting with 0
  9. Add option to remove ‘Self’ (review) from group when reviewing
  10. Minimum and maximum word count for text box is now functional